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Introducing Save it Cards!

An estimated 2 million trees are cut down each year just to print business cards that's enough trees to supply oxygen to over 5,000 people! Approximately 70% of these business cards are tossed away, increasing waste in landfill and oceans.

We aim to resolve the paper business card problem with our "Save it Card" solution, a fully digital and customisable business card that can be rewritten and updated an unlimited number of times.

Save it Cards

When everything is getting digital why is your business card still paper-based?Choose a sustainable, digital and smarter way to share contacts.


Save it Key Fobs

Share your contact and other info in style with our newest Save it Key Fobs. Carry it along with your other keys or bag, so you never miss a contact!


Save it Rings

Instead of putting a ring on it, we decided to put your contact information into our Save it Rings, a business card alternative that you wear!

Suma is the actual first name of our Founder, Abhinav Bijavara Nagaraj’s mum. So it’s a business dedicated to a Mother in order to give back to Mother Earth! Coincidentally her name resonates and abbreviates exactly what we offer at our Not for profit partner SUMA Australia – Sustainable Marketing Australia!

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